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It's the only way to carry stuff, when all you got just ain't enough – Engine

Welcome to Davaar

Davaar, comprised of Sara Marlowe, Dave McMillan and a MacBook Air - explores the intersection of acoustic and electronic music in composition and live performance - with a few laughs along the way. From Air to Oh Susanna, Beck to electro-acoustic originals through a little Blind Faith, Davaar has something to get your feet moving, your glass tipping, and your heart singing along.


New Songs

We continue to add new tunes to our live sets, including Waterlog, a rockin' version of Dirty Little Secret, and two of Sara's classics: Fall Down On My Knees and Truth Be Told. We also pay tribute to our favourites and influences with some new covers too. All hail Air, Beck, Massive Attack, Pearl Jam and of course, Elbow... we can't get enough of Elbow!

Free Downloads

Follow the Downloads link or click here to check out our new free downloads section. This content will be changed at random, so check back again!


We're coming back after tha pandemic!

Photo of Dave

Vocals, lyrics, guitar, flute, raagini, percussion

Photo of Dave

Guitar, bass, computer, lyrics, vocals,

All music written, arranged and performed by Davaar except: True Stories - Steve Sherman on bass; FUCT (Fully Under the Control of Technology) - rhythm track sampled from Octagon by Eberhard Schoener (Video Magic, 1981), voice-overs by unidentified CBC interviewer and Marshall McLuhan (c. 1960).